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After decades of store management and corporate merchandise buying experience, retail is an integral part of who we are. Today as retail consultants, we use the knowledge we've gained to give back to the retail community by helping Independent Stores become both Resilient and Profitable Retailers. We do that by providing education, inventory planning, sophisticated analytics, and retail tools small businesses rarely have access to.‚Äč

It's always a remarkable step forward to take the actions that allow you to focus on your passion.

What Would You Like To Improve Today?


Cash Flow

It's A Balancing Act

And it is the life of your business. Get the peace of mind having consistent cash flow provides.
More About Improving Cash Flow


Out Of Stock


Let the experts handle the forecasting, analysis, and provide the guidance you need. Do what you love.
More About Our Retail Orbit Plans



Having the Right Open-To-Buy

Isn't just about a budget. It starts with an in-depth look at each category of your business.
How Open-To-Buy Planning Works



Assortment Planning

Both an art and science starts with a semi-annual by vendor by class in-depth analysis. Start your next market off by knowing just what you need to spend with each vendor.
More About Our Assortment Plans


The Shop

It's a Process

Establishing policies, procedures, and having a daily plan may not sound too exciting. Let's establish them and let your team share the load.
read tips for running the shop

Marketing &


Establishing an 8 Month Marketing Plan

That weaves purchasing, presentation, and marketing together. Enjoy the relief of having a plan with assigned team tasks
More About Using a Media Plan



Payroll Budget & Scheduling

Establishing your monthly payroll budget is a great first step toward keeping staff expenses on-track. Putting that into action takes identifying when the additional workforce is needed.
More on Budgeting & Scheduling


Telling Inspiring Stories

Through compelling windows and visual statements. Consistently great presentations start with talented buyers and a robust marketing plan.
How To Coordinate Inspiring Presentations



Your Team

Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Coaching, Incentivizing, and improving performance. Tips to take your team to the next level.
More About Managing Teams

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