Inventory Planning

"There are two ways to extend a business. Take inventory of what you're good at and extend out from your skills. Or determine what your customers need and work backward, even if it requires learning new skills."

Jeff Bezos

The Next Level of Inventory Planning

We provide our Independent Retail clients with the industry's most accurate merchandise plans. More than just an Open-To-Buy plan, a Merchandise Plan is a high level financial overview of a retail business that incompasses forecasted sales, planned markdowns, inventory level, initial mark up, turnover, aging and gross margin return on investment.

Planning the Retail Orbit Way

With every dollar, they spend your customers are voting. They are voting for Jackets, or Shirts, or Dresses, or Pants, or Dog Beds, or Candles, or specific Vendors, etc. Retail Orbit captures those trends in your business, and algorithmically forecasts your future sales and inventory needs.

What You Can Expect

A Financial Plan

For every category of your business monthly.

Let Our Experts

Take this off your plate. We provide you with the information you need. In virtual meetings, you'll receive an in-depth plan for each category of each location so that you can easily take steps to buy right.

It's A Cloud-Based,

Dynamic, Algorithmic Forecasting System

A 12 Month Forward Looking Plan

With sales, inventory, markdowns, and receipts by location, by classification that is generated with proprietary software using: Time Series-Statistics, Causal-Math Modeling, Regression Analysis, and both Your and Market Input

On Demand

Our proprietary software allows you to upload daily or as often as needed to assess progress toward target goals. At an instant your provided with the most accurate information for making any necessary promotional and purchase decisions

Use Of

Bottom Up Planning

Why Bottom Up?

Forecasting trends at the individual category level for each store and allowing that forecast to bubble up to the top sheet versus selecting a total company increase or decrease and pushing that down to the category level is a much more accurate way to plan.

Accurate Stock To Sales Ratios

Right Inventory, Right Time, Right Category
With thousands of locations across the US and abroad, touching every retail verticle, we know the right stock to sales ratio to determine the ideal inventory level needed to achieve your forecasted sales. So you will have the right amount of inventory in the right categories at the right time in each of your store locations.

Grouping or Tagging

In addition to the standard Divisions, Departments, Classifications and attributes, our software has the capacity – As Needed – to group select categories of new, focus or promotional merchandise. for additional analysis and insights into your busisness trends.

Complementing Free Add-On Services


Monthly Action Plan

Our Action Plan

This follow-up document is your guide for the next 30 days. It includes both a concise listing of priorities along with your Open-To-Buy for each location and classification.


Business Review

An In-Depth Assessment

That looks at every aspect of your financial position and provides what if's for the next year's performance.

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